How to start a Software company and get projects

How to start a software business

Before starting Software business, you should have knowledge of computer software and basic programming itself. After that you have to decide whether you want to do software services base or software product base business of software.

How to start a Software company and get projects

Types of Software Business

Software business can be done in two ways, the first software services base business would be that in which you make software according to the orders of the people.
For example, a client asked you to make such software for the company so that all the employee's racords and salary can be maintained.

So in that case you will ask the client to make his software and make the software according to the requirement. This is called service base software business.

Second product software base business is that in which the company creates its own product and launches it in the market like google, adove, ibm, twitter, youtube, amazon web services, microsoft etc.

In how many ways can we do business in software

By focusing your attention on any one of these, you can do software business.

PVT (Private Limited Company), proprietorship, freelancer, NIC or LLC

If you are a single person then you can do your software business by opening your work as one person company or proprietorship.

If you want to do software business at global or very base high level then you should open PVT, NIC company.

If you are working in some company and want to run your software business as well, then you can also start such a freelancer.

Digital Marketing

No matter how business can run today without marketing. Therefore, it is very important to focus on the marketing of the product while making the product and after the product is made. because without digital marketing or social media marketing your product value zero . you have to do main focus on marketing from your products or services

Like LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, you can run paid ads on Facebook, you can also run them by making video ads.

How many people team is needed to make a software.

Before making any software, it is very important to understand its requirements, only then you can make a good and better software.

These 6 people are needed to make a software. ,

how to start software company without investment


Product Manager

The job of a product manager is to bring the project for the company and to bring its developer or technical or understand

1 Graphic Designer

 After that the graphic designer makes the wire frame of that project and gives it to the web designer.

2. web designer

 After that the job of the web designer is to design or prepare the fronted wire frame given by the graphic designer.

3. coder or developer

 The coder is the life of any software because the coder itself makes a wonderful software by coding by applying its technical logic.
This thing depends on the coder in which language he is writing the coding like - java, python, django, nodejs, php etc.

4. Tester

The job of the tester is to check the software well after creating it in many software testing models such as system testing, manual testing, function testing, black box testing, white box testing, etc.

5. Production Developer

When the software is finally ready, the software is uploaded to the server. Software production department.

how to start software company without investment

You can start your software business even without this, first of all you prepare a good proposal and take it to investor, then you can get good investors. With this your company can grow well.

how to start a software company and get projects

How to start a software business

To bring the project, you can do digital marketing, which I have told in the heading of digital marketing, you can read it carefully. In today's time, there is no other option than digital marketing and social media marketing to bring a good project.

With the help of this, you can bring and sell projects from every corner of the world sitting at home.

How to sell software to clients

Whenever you sell software to your client, sign it with Digital Marketing Technical Support and Monthly AMC so that you will get a complete package in the form of order and that client will be associated with you for a long time and will keep giving you work.


 In this article I have told you how you can start a good software company and software business as well as how you have to take the project. How to sell projects
Which people are definitely needed in making a software and how does it go to production.

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