Linkedin lead generation tools

About Linkedin

LinkedIn is the most professional and trusted social networking site today. On which you can generate many leads by creating your own and your company's business page. Along with this, you can also work here with thousands of people and many other companies.

linkedin lead generation tool

With LinkedIn, you can filter leads for your business and find customers from across the country and abroad.

There are many ways you can generate leads with LinkedIn. For example, you can generate leads for your business through email marketing, through filters from the home page and by using sales navigator tools.

The Sales Navigator Tool is LinkedIn's paid tool, which is free for the first month and then comes with a monthly or year-long package from the second month.

How to generate leads from LinkedIn through email marketing and which tools are used, I will tell you here in details.

Linkedin lead generation tools

Step 1-

First you have to create an email which can be created on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or Rediffmail.

Step 2-

After creating an email account, you will need to register on LinkedIn with the same account. As soon as you register on LinkedIn, a verification mail will come to your email from LinkedIn, you have to click on that verification mail and then your LinkedIn account will be created.

Step 3-

When your LinkedIn account is ready, you can generate leads via email from the home page like the search bar you will see on the header of the home page.

In that search bar, write the domain for which you want leads like - I want leads for web development, then I will write web development in the search bar then click on post and then click on date and post. 

linkedin lead generation software

and then Inside I will select Past 24 hours and then click on the search button.

With this, you will get the details of whoever has posted for web development within 24 hours on your page.


Another way to generate leads is by using the Email Finder for LinkedIn extension tools on Google Chrome, you can generate leads from there as well. You can see a live example of this in this screen piece below.

Similarly, you can use many email finder extensions. But one thing is very common in these extensions and that is that they will only allow you to extract for free for 20 to 25 days, after that you have to buy. No matter what email LinkedIn Finder extension you use.


Sales navigator and linkedin ads 

Here I am displaying some email LinkedIn Finder extensions.

1. Email Finder

2. leads gibbon email finder

3. Apollo email finder -

4. Email Finder - LeadLeaper

5. spilled email finder - 

6. Email Finder -

7. snov email finder -

8. email finder -

9. SignalHire - find email or phone number -

10. Rocketreach -

11. - Email Finder -

12. Prismy - Lead Finder, Email & Phone Verifier

13. Data Scraper - Easy Web Scraping - web-

14. Octopus - All-in-One LinkedIn Automation -

15. LinkeLead – LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool -

16.Lead Connect | LinkedIn Outreach Platform -

There are many other email LinkedIn Finder extensions, you can use them by doing practical yourself.

You can also use all these extensions with Sales Navigator, I will show you below with practical screen how to use Sales Navigator.

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