free keyword research tool

About of free keyword research tool

Keyword research tools play the most important role in digital marketing, search engine marketing, youtube, content writing or writing any blog, website or app to rank on the top of the search engine.

free keyword research tool

Types of Free Keyword Research Tools 

By using free keyword research tools, you can bring great traffic to your blog, website or business.

  1. WordStream(
  2. Wordtracker(
  3. Google Keyword Planner (
  4. href keyword planner (
  5. semrush keyword tool (
  6. kwfinder keyword tool (
  7. Apptweak keyword tool (
  8. Keyword Tool (
  9. Moz keyword tool (
  10. Spyfu Keyword Tool (
  11. Keyword Planner (
  12. backlinko keyword tool (
  13. Cleverads Reserach tool (



WordStream is available in both free and pad versions. These tools show you the cpc and volume of keywords, the volume of both Google search engine and Bing search engine simultaneously on the same screen.


wordtracker keyword tool

You can also use Wordtracker tool for free, these tools tell you about the volume and cometition of ppc and SEO keywords.

Google Keyword Planner (

google keyword planner tool

Google Keyword Planner Tools are counted among the most famous keywords research tools. The reason behind this is that these tools are Google's own product, these tools tell you about the volume of keywords, cpc monthly searches.

Href keyword planner (

href keyword tool

href keyword planner is a tool that gives you a complete package inside which you can search keywords like YouTube keywords, Google search keywords, Amazon keywords and Bing.

There are also many dropdown sub tools of href keyword planner, which you can use in this way.

Semrush keyword tool (

semrush keyword tool

Semrush is also one such packaging tool, inside which you get tools from search engine optimization to advertisement, keywords, domain, social media, content writing and many more.

kwfinder keyword tool (

kwfinder keyword tool

kwfinder is a tool that gives you everything from long tail keywords to search engine optimization. In this you can also do a 10-day trail.

Apptweak keyword tool (

apptweak keyword tool

Apptweak keyword tool A game and app keyword research tool that you can use to rank the keywords of apps and games.

Keyword Tool (

keyword tool

Keyword Tool is a tool that gives you a complete package, inside which you can search keywords like YouTube keywords, Google search Twitter keywords, Amazon keywords, Instagram, Bing and Playstore.

Moz keyword tool (

moz keyword tool

Moz is a full search engine optimization tool that you have done so for marketing and getting the page to rank top on search engines. You can use it as a 30 day trial without paying a single penny.

Spyfu Keyword Tool (

spyfu keyword tool

Spyfu is a search engine optimization (SEO) keyword tool as well as lightwaited.

Keyword Planner (

keyword planner tool

Inside you can search keywords for Amazon, YouTube and Google. As soon as you search keywords in it, it will also give you the API of keywords

Backlinko keyword tool (

backlinko keyword tool

In this, you have to first click on its home menu to search for keywords, then you will get the box of email subscription and as soon as you check your mail box, you will get a subscription link and as soon as you link on it, you will have to search keywords. You will get option.

Cleverads Reserach tool (

cleverads keyword tool

In this, to search for keywords, first you should have the URL of the website for which you are searching the keyword or the URL of the keyword you are searching for. if you want to take digital marketing and seo online course. 





i have explain this article for fee keyword research tool with screen short so please see and gain for practical knowledge.WordStream ,Wordtracker,Google Keyword Planner ,href keyword planner,semrush keyword tool,kwfinder keyword tool ,Keyword Tool ,Moz keyword tool ,Spyfu Keyword Tool ,Keyword Planner ,backlinko keyword tool ,Cleverads Reserach tool. 

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