About Nodejs

Nodejs is a lightwaited open source server. Which you can also call Node Package Manager (npm). It is used as the backend of any mobile application, web application or website.


Nodejs is a Linux Corporation product and was created by Ryan Dahi in 2009 with the help of JavaScript and C ++. The first name of nodejs was named fork, then it was later launched by the fador company for some of its use as input-output file. js and these files were javascript extension so it was added to the library of so fork which was later renamed given nodejs. 

Nodejs is a server that is used with a model view controller for each JavaScript framework and some programming language frameworks. Such as - django, vue.js, ruby, bootstraps, material design, react-native, ionic, angular.js, react.js etc.

Use of Nodejs 

The maximum use of nodejs is in video calling applications and gaming. But it is an open source server which is most used through API in the backend of mobile application and website development.

Nodejs is an open source server as well as a framework that can access a lot of applications such as Feathers.js, Sail.js, Express.js, Socket.IO, Hapi.js, Meteor, Derby, Koa. js and many others. learn more about nodejs click here ...


The first version of Nodejs  was launched 0.10x  in 2013 and the second version is 0. 12x launched in 2015. And the current version that is currently running on May-2021 is 16.x. If you want to see the current version, then you can find the live version by clicking here.

Nodejs loop 

Nodejs works on the basis of a runtime environment in which incoming requests are sent as a loop. You can also call it nodejs loop or event loop.

Nodejs API and Network 

Nodejs uses JavaScript to store Web services and some networking tools and models in the API. Whose main job is to handle many types of files such as - networking (HTTP, TCP, DNS, TLS/SSL, or UDP), cryptography functions, data streams, and other core functions.Node.js's modules use an API designed to reduce the complexity of writing server applications and binary data.

JavaScript is the only language that Nodejs natively supports, but there are many other compile-to-JS languages ​​available, such as -Node.js applications to be written in Dart, TypeScript, CloserScript, CoffeeScript, and others.

Nodejs Supported IDE 

You can use these text-IDE tools such as JetBrains WebStorm, Visual Studio Code, NetBeans, Atom, Brackets, Nodeclipse Enide Studi (Eclipse-based) to make the application of nodejs executable, compiling and debugging.

How to learn Nodejs 

Before learning Nodejs, it is very important to have basic programming knowledge, only then you can learn nodejs. nodejs is a good way to learn by coming on youtube and you can learn by watching videos according to your language, which is totally free in today's time.

If you have money and you can also learn by taking coaching or online classes, but there will be lot of practical knowledge in it which will help you in understanding the project's projections.


in this article i have explain about whole thing in NodejsNodejswebsocket, Nodejs mysql, Nodejs api with networking tools, Nodejs loop, how can learn NodejsNodejs securities etc. 

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