Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Tools

  • What is mail marketing ?
  • Steps that should be kept in mind while mail marketing ?
  • Benefits of mail marketing ?
  • Disadvantages of mail marketing ?
  • Conversion rate ?
  • Top email marketing tools

What is email marketing ?

It is the digital marketing strategy  of giving information to your audience who can seek or willingly to seek your product or services by sending mails and developing the relationship with customers and prospects . 

Basically it is a process of using emails for your marketing to promote your business , product , and services . 

It is a form of marketing that can attract the customers with the help of email. You can even attract the customers by adding product details and offers to them .
Moreover , with the help of email you can inform your existing , potential customers about your new business service , product etc . 

Steps to follow while mail marketing 

Marketing your product via mails is not a very difficult task all you need to follow few simple steps
  • Establish your goals , then simply sign up to email marketing tools mail chimp or sales navigator . 
  • Build the list .
  • Select the types of campaign you want to send. 
  • Now measure the result . 
  • Benefits of mail marketing 

Cost effective

The cost of email marketing is very low as compared to any other forms of marketing tools . 

Scale able

You can reach to large as well as small no of audience through mail marketing . 
Permission based : Marketing list can be made up of people who can choose to receive emails actively .Customers who are genuinely interested in your product and services can build the conversations . 


It is easy for people to forward and share your email content , building your reputation by word of mouth or viral marketing . 


You can evaluate the success of your campaign by using web analytics software . You can customise the subject line , and designs to see which is most effective . 


You can compare your result with other industries . There are many free email marketing benchmark reports available online . 
The benchmark data can help you to evaluate the output and improve the result . 

Environment friendly

It is much more effective and better for the environment as it doest harm the environment . 
Disadvantages of email marketing. 

Undelivered emails

Mails which are not designed properly may not get delivered . Emails that use certain spam keywords or characters in subject heading or content of the email . if your email list is not updated then you will find incorrect email addresses which means your messages don't reach the audience . 


Commercial emails or spam generally irritates customers and few of them don't even read what has written in that mail . One should keep in mind that you need to compile with the privacy and data protection rules .

Size issues

Files need to be small enough to download quickly . Emails containing many image switches can be too long to load, moreover it frustrated the audiences. 

Resources and skills

For successful email campaigns you need to ensure that you are caring about the right copy , design and marketing list .

Conversion rate 

You can generate 75 % more of your business lead through mail marketing as compared to other sources of marketing . 
Around 50 % of those  leads can be converted into your customers and rest can be kept in the pipeline . 

Popular marketing tools :

  • 1 : Mailchimp
  • 2 : Salesforce 
  • 3 : Sendinblue 
  • 4 : Drip
  • 5 : ConvertKit  and many more....



  • A mailchimp is a free tool email marketing tool which helps you to grow your blog and increase engagement .
  • On mailchimp you can collect subscribers , import existing subscribers .
  • Mailchimp is very easy to use and enables you to design which gives your email a good look.
  • Mailchimp is free till the time you hit 2000 subscribers . 
  • After hitting 2000 subscribers you have to pay but that amount won't bother you much because you had earned much with those 2000 contacts . 
  • It's a good way to dip the toe in email marketing . 


  • The very first thing you need to do is that you have to sign up your mailchimp account . 
  • After that you will be getting the confirmation code . which means you need to click in order to activate your account after that your screen is going to display a page from where you can start .
  • All you need is to fill your details as asked by them. Don't forget to mention the URL of your website . 
  • Also , you have to provide a legitimate physical address where you can receive mails. 
  • This address will be by default located in the bottom of every email in order to comply with international anti -spam laws . 
  • If you are happy with your home email address . you can even add an alternative address even if you can get a PO address . 


The very first thing which you have to do to collect email addresses is to create a mailchimp subscriber list . This is a list of audiences where you can put subscribers when they sign up .
You can have many different lists . 


Now a screen is going to display in which you have to add contacts and will ask if you want to add existing  subscribers . 


Now you have to create your first newsletter on mailchimp, called as campaigns.


  • Salesforce is a cloud based company whose headquarters are based in America . It provides CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • It is a tool which focuses on customer service , analytics and application development .It helps the marketing team, sales teams,  to generate leads . 
  • It is a platform which brings customers and companies together . 
  • It has seen that successful teams collectively think about the short and long term when defining the career .
  • Success takes time so you have to be patient while working on salesforce .
  • A successful person takes time to  take a step towards achieving vision on an internal roadshow to drive alignment . 
  • When done in a right manner you serve the right vision .

Salesforce mainly deals in managing tasks and cases . It enables the tracking activities to raise conversation on a social platform .It also provides analytical tools, email alerts , access to customers and google search. 

According to salesforce website companies who use salesforce website measures an average hike of 27 % in their sales revenue , around 32 % hike in conversion of lead , 34 % customer satisfaction and 56 % hike in faster deployment .
Salesforce is used by companies to track sales and to keep a note on spendings and performance . 


The company uses a cloud computing software model which hosts the application and makes users available online. 

  • Salesforce hosts numerous different cloud platforms which allows companies to interact in different capacities . 
  • As per now salesforce numerous cloud platforms : A service cloud , marketing cloud , health cloud , app cloud etc 
  • All you want to do is to create an account on salesforce and start a 30 days of free trial . 
  • After that you have to extract the emails and import information and start interacting . 
  • It is a technology by which companies manage all the relationships and interact with potential customers .
  • It helps to improve business relationships .
  • CRM helps companies to stay in touch for a longer period of time. 
  • CRM helps to improve stability . 



It is a SaaS solution for relationship marketing as it includes newsletters / large and small scale campaigns , as well as SMS marketing campaigns which can contact segments .

Sendinbulls module includes

  • Transactional SMTP emails / SMS to contact based on events such as password reset , confirmation emails .
  • Automation workflow to send contacts personalised emails .
  • Facebooks ads 
  • CRM (customer database information)
  • Retargeting ads 
  • Landing pages 

Sendinbulls has several plugins which allow you to integrate their current technologies , such as CMS tools , e-commerce , sign up forms . Plug in are as follows :
  • Wordpress
  • Prestashop
  • Magento 
  • Drupal
  • Woocommerce 
  • Nopcommerce
  • Shopify
  • Google analytics
  • Gleam
  • Niftyimages
  • Privy
  • Jimdo
  • Optinmonster
  • Wix
  • Microsoft outlook 


Drip marketing is a communication strategy which sends or drips a pre-written set of messages to customers or prospects over time . These messages often take the form of email marketing .

Drip marketing is distinct from other database marketing in two ways : -

Lead generation

Direct mail

Though it is more costly as the direct mail software has been developed which enables drip marketing techniques using standard postal mail . This technology relies on digital printing and personalised with each drip message .
Social media : The principles of drip marketing have been applied in many social media marketing tools to schedule a series of updates. 

Lead generation 

Drip marketing can be used as a function of the lead generation and qualification process. Specifically drip marketing constitutes an automated follow up method that can replace personal lead follow up .


Convertkit helps you to find your audience , turn them into your fans and you can earn a living as a creator with our audience building and email marketing software .

you can share your social media followers , youtube viewers or blog browsers to stick around for more . You can cultivate an audience by sharing your ideas or more . 

The real problem here is that the sites on the internet have actually advanced substantially over the last decade.

Now the approach of old sites doesn’t work in today’s businesses.
In the last years, it could make sense to have a normal site with a homepage with a menu with a service, price, about us and contact us page.

A potential lead could go to your website, scroll below. Then he would see the different sites and hopefully consume any material.

However, if you are a business or service that spends any money on advertising…
You may want to regulate a little bit what your traffic and customers are learning about you and your business on your site.

 It is the easiest and simplest way that you are going to make high converting sales funnels and marketing funnels.

It also includes landing pages, email integrations, invoicing for your clients, etc. 

What Exactly Is a Sales Funnel?

  • Sales funnels are a consecutive sequence of steps. And they are created to transform your possible prospects into buyers.
  • These sales funnels are also known with the name of marketing funnels.
  • Imagine it like if it was a real funnel.
  • The basic steps in a funnel might look something like this:
  • An unqualified lead comes to your landing page for the first time.
  • You offer something free to provide some value and to collect his email.
  • After getting his email you can offer him a relevant offer.
  • This lead becomes your consumer.
  • Start contact with him via e-mail providing him value.
  • You start building a strong relationship with him and selling him more things.
  • if you want to take online digital marketing classes then click here...


this artical i have explain for email marketing and also explain for email marketing tools like Email Marketing Tools ,SendPulse,HubSpot email ,Sender,Benchmark ,MailerLite,Sendinblue,Omnisend and Mailchimp,


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